Driving While Black in Buffalo

by Darvin Adams

On Friday, July 22,2022 I happened to be in the Bailey and Genesee area, when I witnessed a police traffic stop. Everything was as  abnormal  as usual when it comes to police traffic stops here on the East Side of Buffalo; i.e. Police   ransacking the car looking for something not there, or something they planted themselves. 

During the stop I saw three Black men come out of three separate police cruisers and get back into their  vehicle. So was the car clean? My guess was yes, but then the  strangest  thing happened. Before it was all over one  of the officers   from the C district, pulls  something out of his pocket and says “rock cocaine! “ What type of police investigation was that? A cop pulls  cocaine out of his pocket   and  tells  us to film it?!  His arrogance  towards the  members of the  Black community who witnessed it, was obvious.      

Why would    a cop reach into his pocket  and reveal the drugs? What kind of  officers do the city have patrolling our streets? During the traffic stop   none of the cops on the scene were Black. So now you have an occupying army garrisoning  the Black community. It’s a sad feeling, knowing that as a taxpayer, you have to live in fear of the same people that you have to call for help. Who’s going to protect us from the cops! D. A. Flynn? Our elected Black misleaders who have said very little, if anything , about police reform. 

 My people ,in light of   the recent tragedy on the city’s   East Side  we have to be vigilant. The ball is in our court. Demand more!!! Demand better schools and better living conditions in the community. Demand  more police accountability. We have forgotten the law of the Heavenly Father, just like our elected leaders have forgotten the law and their duty as elected officials, to  serve the people and not the other way around. 

Back to the ‘cocaine in cops pocket” event.  I still can’t believe I  witnessed a cop pull  out his pocket evidence,  that should have been properly secured and processed. 

To Mayor Brown,   Common Council members, police commissioner and chiefs, what kind of crap are    officers running on the streets of Buffalo?  Where did the C District officer  get the drugs from? Will they be used to plant on innocent people? This is just one example why many in the BLACK COMMUNITY have a great distrust of law enforcement. 

Our Black elected officials today are not like those of the past when they were strong and for the people. Too many of today’s politicians have forgotten who they were elected to represent.  They get in office and then get it twisted and act as  though we owe them – when it’s actually the other way around. They somehow forget that they were elected to serve the people who voted them into the office. They forget that the power is in the  people!  Sadly  many of us are confused about that too, as evidenced in the fact that we keep reelecting those who need to be voted OUT!   Hopefully one day soon we will see men and women who want to  run for office because they sincerely want  to  serve    and  represent the people and not the money backers! Race First my people! 

I’m Just Saying…