The Butcher Coming

Photos and Concert Review by A. Dorcely

On Thursday, July 21st Buffalo, Western NY and  anyone who could get to it was invited to the Showcase Theater on Grant St.

This invitation was for quaint and personal performances from headliner Benny the Butcher (a.k.a. Jeremie Pennick), BSF (Black Soprano Family ) and  in association with Griselda.  

All of you concert goers I’m sure know what such a scene looks like. But for those that don’t know. The room was relatively lit to see a few feet in front of you.

Packed with several hundred people and an aroma of Mother Nature that engulfed the setting.

This was perfect for a specialist with the “bars” such as Benny. But prior to the performance by the Butcher we were served up several opening acts and members of BSF such as Rick Hyde, Stove God Cooks, ElCamino(given his BSF chain at the concert) and many more warmed up the crowd.

Rapper Morray and Buffalo Bills’ players Tremaine Edmunds and Dion Dawkins also came to show love and enjoy the show. Pictured top center Benny The Butcher, and l/r Rapper Morray vibing out to his hit song Quicksand, ELCamino is presented his BSF chain by label mate Rick Hyde. Buffalo Bills’ Players Dion Dawkins, Tremaine Edmunds and BSF member Rick Hyde show each other that the support is mutual on stage. photos A. Dorcely

When Benny finally came out he served us prime cuts from his most recent work of art, Tana Talk 4. The “Super Plug” who some say will be a “Legend” soon is a legend now with his fans as he continues to feed them real rap/ street rap using metaphors and similes as well as the English language. Which seems to be foreign to some now. There’s a conversation being had that people don’t want to hear this type of music. That we don’t want to think while in the club or listening to the radio.

The Butcher reminds us that “the pressure from my pen made them rap a little better, finally/ they’re crooked bending the rules/ rappers I considered them cool/ but when you talking most authentic/ then who going to fit in my shoes/ I’m living my truth…/

Along with living his truth Benny also brought out that night special guests.  Rapper Morray and Buffalo Bills’ players Tremaine Edmunds and Dion Dawkins also came to show love and enjoy the Butcher’s entree!

 photo journalist    A. Dorcely