Pictured above are images from Juneteenth of Buffalo’s annual MAAFA Memorial held at Broderick Park June 21 where community members gathered to remember and celebrate the lives of our beloved ancestors. Arts and Culture performances included Access to Afreeka, Daughters of Creative Sound, Spoken Word by Dayatra Hassan, Wakanda Alliance Youth Session, and Afrikan Dance by Anisha Hassan.

There were also words of wisdom by Baba Nathan Hare and a variety of Community Ancestral Reflections among those gathered. The high spiritual/cultural gathering ended with a flower Ritual Ceremony made even more spiritual and compete by a brilliant setting of the sun.

On June 20, the day before, there was a Zoom Community Conversation hosted by Baba L. Nathan Hare and Queen Mother Taliba (JoAnn Peters) on the topic, What is The Maafa (the Great Disaster)? Where can we find it past or present?

-Street Legacy Photos by Darvin Adams/ (Setting Sun images by Kasumu Productions)