We Have Been Insulted, Hoodwinked and Bamboozled!


With all due respect, Councilman Ulysees O. Wingo’s resolution to officially redefine/ rename our community “East  Buffalo” is  an untimely, divisive  distraction  that  smacks of  gentrification. Is this how we memorialize and honor the beloved victims of the recent  massacre and all the great people/ancestors who came before us/them?  By talking loud and saying nothing? Call it what you want. We are EAST SIDE STRONG Mr. Wingo   Proud Black people With  a rich  legacy.  Where is your master plan to restore that legacy? -The Editors 

So, now they want, no demand, that we stop calling the Eastside of Buffalo, the Eastside! Just who are these people and why are they insisting that we change the very designation that defined us as an ethnic group of mainly African Americans? Why should we change from saying Eastside and start  referring to  the historic area as East Buffalo?

Well, one reason could be that it gives the powers who actually run and fund Buffalo, the autonomy they need to spend antipoverty money anywhere east of Main St. Monies that need to go to rebuild the structures and streets on the Eastside of Buffalo can now  be spent on projects like SUNY-ERIE- City Campus, the Broadway Market, Central Terminal, Buffalo Niagara Medical Corridor, and the Key Bank Arena! All of these entities could be referred to as projects and buildings east of Main St. because they are indeed, technically, on the Eastside of Buffalo.

Take a close look at the condition of the Jefferson Avenue street  and sidewalks near the Tops Markets and the Memorial Park for the victims of the Buffalo Tops Market Massacre. 

It is a shame and an embarrassment that people all over this world saw how much or how little those who control the region’s purse strings actually cared about the street or, for that matter, the Eastside of Buffalo!

No legislative action from local or state government is going to cause me to not say Buffalo’s Eastside. Fact is, until the city re-develops the Eastside of Buffalo, I am going to double down and write it in all capital letters!

Preachers, poverty pimps and politicians need to stop trying to tell us how to ask, think, chew gum or talk! What they need to focus on is to explain to us why they allowed the EASTSIDE of Buffalo to get in  the condition it is in, right now! And why is the Greater Buffalo Niagara Partnership leading this movement to diminish the African American cultural footprint on Buffalo’s Eastside?

Maybe if or when they locate the new Buffalo Bills Stadium with that  retractable roof  downtown or somewhere on the EASTSIDE of Buffalo, I might reconsider my position!

My part of the city where I live is the  EASTSIDE for me until we have a reason and the resources dedicated to make it comparable to North Buffalo, South Buffalo and the area known as the Westside, for now, or until those citizens west of Main Street are forced or intimidated to change their Westside designation, too.