Healing the World: OneFirelight: Interview with Skip Marley & Kathryn Leary

by Matt Bauer

During the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, Billboard magazine reported that streams of Bob Marley’s music were up more than 23 % and in the face of international terror, the medicinal and  invincible pulse of the  “Tuff Gong” was soothing  listeners worldwide, more than four decades after he left this terrestrial plane. 

Now, in the aftermath of the Jefferson Avenue tragedy, there’s no doubt that music will be part of the healing process. 

Taking its title from the poignant lyrics of “No Woman, No Cry,” OneFirelight, is an inspirational wellness platform that brings together mind, body and spirit energy with unique streaming fitness videos taught by world class instructors.

Continuing his grandfather’s incomparable legacy is two time Grammy-nominated Skip Marley. “Music always comes forward,” explains Skip when asked to explain music’s role in the wake of overwhelming calamity.  “It always overcomes. There’s music for everything; every feeling. I feel like the  love and the message of the consciousness is to look forward.”

Skip Marley’s recent single “Faith,” with its inspiring chorus of, “We got that faith, We got that  stargaze in our eyes,” isn’t only a tonic for these troubled times, it also  pulsates with the recently launched wellness platform OneFirelight.

“Instead of doing a cardio-blast to techno music we can do it to the full, nurturing music that comes from the Marley family,“ says co-founder Kathryn Leary when asked to describe what sets OneFirelight apart from other fitness platforms. “ [The workouts are choreographed] to Skip, Bob and the other conscious artists from Jamaican music. So we bring that energy and in addition to that we shoot many of our videos outdoors,, so you get that vibe of lush greenery and nature.”

Leary also notes that she was in a challenging place when first meeting the elder Marley and says the workouts are infused with Marley’s uplifting spirit.

Adds Skip:“It’s about the message and the benefit of mankind.”

For more information on OneFirelight please visit:www.onefirelight.com 

To see Skip Marley’s “Faith” video go to youtube: