Food For Thought 

photos and story by A. Dorcely ( above/Noah Hutchins and family and friends(LTE Staff)

Recently we’ve been inundated with the destruction of societies fiber by young adults in our country. Most nights the nightly news in Buffalo is filled with stories of youthful culprits and or victims. Well here is something to munch on per se. Last week in the “town” was another basketball showcase. This was a three day event at St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute for a reasonable cost. The person responsible for putting on the aforementioned event is a young man by the name of Noah Hutchins.

Noah Hutchins at 21 years of age has been conducting this showcase since before he graduated from high school. His reasons are not those of a regular young man in modern times. The “LTE” a.k.a. Licensed To Eat showcase was created to allow for more exposure of Buffalo players.

Mr. Hutchins felt that other all star/ showcase games were less based on ability and more on politics. He wanted to “showcase the best players in Buffalo and have fun with it.”

The fun was had by over 160 players this time around. “In our first year we had a 9th and 10th grade game, a 11th and 12th grade game mixed and a girls game. That was it.” But last week there was a game for each age group including middle school as well as a game for professional athletes. A total of nine games.

The proceeds for these games are to help out inner city youth with school supplies in the Dewey street area in memory of his best friend’s dad, Dean Scott. Also, to send funds to aide the food shelters in the Buffalo community Mr. Hutchins stated. “LTE” is a lifestyle.

Noah Hutchins spoke of being blessed to have grown up the way he did and remains humbled by it. It’s not just about sports. His organization sponsors different programs to help the less fortunate during the holidays as well. “Everyone deserves to eat.” Not just on the court when you’re dominating a.k.a. eating. But in life! So few have so much while so many suffer.

Think what the world would be like if we learned to break bread with our brothers and sisters that are starving!!!

sports photo journalist and educator            A. Dorcely