Families of Massacre Victims Testify Before The Senate Judiciary Committee: Speak Truth to Power

Even in Their Deepest Pain The Families of the Victims of the Tops Massacre Are Eloquent, Passionate and Determined in Their Quest for Justice

Just days after his  86-year-old mother was gunned down by a White Supremacist  during the  Tops Market Massacre  along with nine other   beloved  members of this community,  Garnell Whitfield  cried out  in anguish during a press conference, “What are we supposed to do with all this anger? With all this pain?”

 A few days ago he  emotionally  asked the same question before the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C. during a hearing on domestic violence in the wake of the mass shooting. But Mr. Whitfield  had some additional questions, and the very fact that he and other family representatives were there, was proof that they were going   to channel the pain into making  sure that the death of their loved ones  as well as the others who lost their lives in the carnage, would not be in vain.

Whitfield also  made it plain at the end of his   testimony, that if those elected to serve did not want to do anyting to  help eradicate the cancer of White supremacy and domestic terrorism, they should step down and allow men and women who did want to fight for  change, to take their place.

Describing his mother as “the heartbeat of our family and my father’s  soulmate for 68 years,” he  lovingly acknowledged her as the “ person who held us together probably just like your    mothers did  for your families.

“Our lives are forever changed by an act of  profound evil and nothing will ever take away the hurt, the pain or the hole in our hearts. For her to be murdered, taken away from us by someone so full of hate is impossible to understand and even harder to live with. But we’re more than hurtful. We’re angry. We’re mad as hell because this should have never happened.”

“Every enforcement charged with protecting the homeland has conducted risk and threat analysis and determined that  White supremacy  is the  number one threat to the homeland. And yet nothing’s been done to mitigate it or eradicate it. We’re people of decency. We’re taught to love even our enemies but our enemies don’t love us.

“So what are we supposed to do with all our anger and our pain?  You expect us to just forgive and forget over and over again? And what are you doing?

“Is there nothing that you’re personally willing to do to stop the cancer of White supremacy and the domestic terrorism it inspires?” he continued. “Because if there is nothing, respectfully senators,  you should yield your positions of authority and influence to others that are willing to lead on this issue. The urgency of the moment demands no less. My mother’s life mattered…,” he said holding back tears. .. Your actions here today will tell us how much it matters to you.”

-Roland Martin-

Following   the hearings journalist/commentator Roland Martin on the #Roland Martin Unfiltered Daily Digital Show, pointed out that basically what the Republican Senators had to say during  the  hearing “gave the impression that  they offered their thoughts and prayers but in many ways were defending actions that could stop Domestic Terrorism.”

Attorney Benjamin Crump, who is the legal representative  for the Whitfields, agreed. It  was a sin, said Krump, that the  “monster” killed the Buffalo Ten, but it was also “sinful how this senate has failed to act…”

During the hearing Republican senator Ted Cruz even tried do  take the focus off the subject at hand and talked about how historically  the Democrats were the  original  KKK – which had nothing to with the Tops. Market  massacre

 “That’s why “we are  very intentional and very “driven” to maker sure that what  happened at a tops on may 14 remains current and that keep the focus where it is….” chimed in Michelle spright who was also on the s how and   also lost family I the massacre. “ the focus is a white supremacists  (who was) very calculated,  and very concise made a 180 page missive on how he was going to gun down and execute  Black people who had no choice but to go to the only supermarket in this Black neighborhood that just so happens to reside in a food desert,

“We have to keep the focus that White supremacy is not just something that came up yesterday or even started on May 14. We’re demanding accountability at this point and we’re not going to be silent..”

However one of Martin’s in-studio studio guests observed that the battle was indeed uphill.