Fair Housing ” Civil Rights Act of 1968″

Beginning with our most “Heartfelt Occurrence” recently, our prayers will forever be in our hearts and minds for our friends and families.  We are ready and able to be there for you.  Peace and our Love always.

Let us begin with “Fair Housing.” As Real Estate Agents we must be mindful of our communities, the people who reside in them, as we interact doing business and within other instances as well.  It is important to share these details and understand your personal rights.

-The Fair Housing  “Civil Rights Act 1968”-  

These are the characteristics that protect against discrimination with regards to housing: Race, Color, Religion, Sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation), National origin, Familial status, Disability, Marital status and Age. 

Here are some questions/conversations clients and others have shared with the agents.

A. Inquiry: 

Client desires to only be shown certain properties in areas and where there are schools of their choice as well.

Response:  The agent can answer yes, however, providing more information with regards to locations and districts may appear as “steering.” An agent may inform them that available “data is on-line. ” The client may inquire with the schools for more details as well.

B. Inquiry: 

Owner of property states “ I only desire certain people purchasing my home.”

Response: It is in violation of “Fair Housing ” to refuse a person(s)  to purchase a property.  Indicate it is “unlawful” and as a Licensed Real Estate Agent, that you are unable to assist them with listing their property under such requests.

C. Inquiry: 

There is a request from an owner that “children” will not be allowed to occupy a home being rented under their own advertising.

Response: As any “owner advertises it is a personal decision.” Whereas if the rental location is represented by a Licensed Real Estate Agent, the “law” will apply with regards to “Fair Housing.”  

D. Inquiry: 

Interested ” visitor(s)” are attending an “Open House” for at least the traditional time of two hours.

Customarily Agents are hosting, where all visitors are asked to sign-in and be welcomed.

What it is noticeable that  the visitors of different “colors,” including the attending “Agent, ” are not being attended to or considered.  Visitors are aware of the non-action and voice their concerns.

Response: The “Agent who was ignored” discusses the event with their Real Estate Office.  

In reality the other Agent in concern is spoken to, regarding their non-action with the visitors.

“Discrimination” is evident in many occurrences throughout our “World.”

 “Real Estate” in the WNY industry will focus on every effort. 

~~~Diversity, Fairness, Equality and Inclusion~~~

 As always, Peace and LOVE….be safe, stay focused 

” Its A Great Time to Market & Locate a New Home “

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