Dr. Fatima Morrell, One of Education’s  Best  Kept Secrets,  Named To Time’s List Of Innovative Teachers

Time Magazine recently revealed its first-ever list of Innovative Teachers, highlighting U.S. teachers and educators who are improving their field or making a difference for their students in a unique way.

To compile this list, TIME reviewed hundreds of nominations from across the country—for teachers at public schools, public charters, private, and parochial schools—and selected the teachers who stood out for going above and beyond to improve the learning experience for kids who need it or solve a problem facing schools today.

Dr. Fatima Morrell, Buffalo Public Schools Associate Superintendent, was featured as one of TIME’s most innovative educators of the year for creating and implementing an anti-racist curriculum, while leading the Office of Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Initiatives, that “provides students with a learning experience that promotes equity and an appreciation of different perspectives.” 

In the wake of the   May 14 massacre of 10 of the Black community’s most beloved  citizens at the hands of a White supremacist, her work has taken on  even more urgency.

Dr. Morrell told Time: “For all our children, we have to unpack white supremacy, as hard as that is to talk about. It is important that every single child receives an anti-racist curriculum in the Buffalo public schools, and I’m going to continue to push that.”

In 2020, believing that every child should learn to value different cultures and hear an unvarnished version of U.S. history, Dr. Morrell spearheaded the creation of the district’s Emancipation Curriculum, which aims to promote equity in schools, spark conversations about the legacy of racism in the U.S., and offer students diverse perspectives and more lessons about the historic contributions of Black, Latino and indigenous communities. 

During the last year, conservative groups and lawmakers have taken aim at Morrell’s curriculum and others like it and have sought to restrict how race is discussed in school—efforts that free-speech advocates see as an attempt to whitewash history and prevent educators from teaching students about concepts like systemic racism.

“The Emancipation Curriculum is very important,” continued Dr. Morrell.. “ It is very important for us to humanize people of color in the eyes of the world, because I see a common thread with all these killings of unarmed Black and brown men and women and children, and this racist attack (May 14), and several others that have occurred around race.”

Congratulations Dr. Morrell! For Dr. Morrell’s complete  interview with TIME go to: 

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