Why We should Stay Masked… 

“You don’t need a mask mandate to wear a mask,” said Rachel Wilkerson Miller, a senior editor at Vox. Despite a Florida judges’ recent ruling that struck down a federal mandate the CDC still recommends masks for passengers on planes and other shared transport modes. Covid infection rates are climbing again and the science hasn’t changed. MASKS WORK – protecting both yourself and others.

Even when people near you are unmasked, a tight-fitting N95 or KN95 definitely reduces the chances of contracting the virus. It’s true that the ventilation systems on planes are effective filters, but they often don’t run when the plane is sitting at the gate, and trains and buses have “terrible” ventilation. “At minimum, you should wear a mask when you’re taking transit to the airport, in the airport, boarding the plane, taxing to the runway and disembarking the plane.”

(The airport, versus the plane itself, is the main source of concern: You will be walking through clouds of SARS-CoV-2 during a high transmission time.)