President Joe Biden Supports Repeal of Tiahrt Amendment!

Columnist/Activist Betty Jean Grant With President And Mrs . Biden.

By Betty Jean Grant

The President Of The United States, Joe Biden and First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, travelled to Buffalo   to spend time with and offer their condolences, support and sympathy to the families of the 10 citizens who were gunned down at the Tops Market on Jefferson Ave, Saturday, May 14th.

This writer was granted an opportunity to speak with President Biden and I used that time to ask him if he would work with Congress to get the Tiahrt Amendment repealed. As most of you know, getting the amendment repealed was the life mission of the late Neal Dobbins. President Biden and First  Lady Jill Biden assured me that they support the repeal of the law and will work with those in Congress to address it’s repeal.

For those not yet informed, The Tiahrt Amendment was introduced to Congress by Rep. Todd Tiahrt of Kansas and was passed into law in 2003. What the law does is that   require the federal government to destroy the names of all approved gun purchasers within 24 hours. The law also prohibits ATF from requiring gun dealers to submit their inventories to law enforcement agencies. In addition, the amendment makes it harder for citizens to sue gun manufacturers when they flood an area with too many guns such as AR -15s and other non hunting and people killing weapons.

I spoke to the president to help represent MVP and the fervent dream of Neal Dobbins. President Biden asked one of his special agent to get my name, phone number and email address. 

Rest In Peace, Neal Dobbins, our own special, Mr. MVP! Your dream and vision have caught the ear of the president.