A HEALTHY COMMUNITY IS A WEALTHY COMMUNITY: Oranges Are A True Gift That  Protect and Heal Us

When was the last Time you had an orange? 

I’ve heard some people  call it a “regular” fruit, and they want something more tropical instead,  but there is nothing ‘regular’ about what fruit does especially the orange. 

My mom once told me that when she was a child her parents would put them under the christmas tree with the toys. Little did they realize (as kids) what a true gift the orange really was!

This bright spirit lifting citrus has over 400 varieties beyond the household name “navel” orange. They all look and taste very different and that’s mostly based on how and where they are grown and when they are harvested.  Some can be better for juicing, or cooking or just eating although you can use any of them however you like.  Some of the top and most consumed oranges are Valencia, Navel, Satsuma, Clementine, Mandarin, and Blood oranges.

Added to your health regiment eating an orange (or having its fresh squeezed juice) can help improve immune health, heart health, and blood circulation. It detoxifies the blood, lowers blood pressure, and cholesterol. It improves digestion and skin health, promotes weight loss and even helps prevent cancer.  The skins not only release that mouthwatering citrus smell they also repel mosquitoes. ( rubbing skins on your body  is said to create a natural repellant )

As with everything there has been a debate over the benefit of oranges being consumed vs drinking the juice. If they are both fresh you can’t go wrong although there’s more fiber and controlled natural sugar intake by eating one or two vs juicing five or six to make one small glass full. Consider adding oranges to your shopping list and encourage others in your  home to consume them too!

Be well and use the power of plants to help get you there! 

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Leah Hamilton / Health Advocate, Publisher and Creator of BlackGirlsJuice716