No Excuses Community Forum  Panel Features Local Educators

pictured are the April 28 panelist for the No Excuses Community Forum

Regardless of whom or what we want to be or take the blame for the chaos in our community, we all must share some portion of the conditions that have allowed our children to be murdered in our streets, not adequately educated in our schools and migrated from one low paying, low skills job to the next!

It is time for we, the community, to take matters in our own hands and stop depending on persons or entities that care nothing about  us, to solve our problems. And geared towards that positive outcome, the We are Women Warriors group is holding a series of monthly forums to garner community and parents participation in a Community Compact that will be compiled based on information discussed, collected and documented. This compact will be distributed to our government leaders and anti-violence activists, at the local, state and federal levels.

The next community forum, which are always held on the 4th or the last Thursday of every month, will be Thursday, April 28th, at the Merriweather Library, 1324 Jefferson Ave, Buffalo, 5-8 PM. The  No Excuses Community Forum Panel will include local educators, and former educators, including, renowned Black History historian and “Eye On History” columnist Dr. Eva M. Doyle; Interim Superintendent of Buffalo Public Schools Dr. Tonja M. Williams; renowned Black History historian, storyteller, and criminal justice reform advocate  Ms. Karima Amin;  and Dr.  Christopher St. Vil  renowned Professor of African American Studies at the University at Buffalo  and Researcher of violent injury, trauma, risk-taking, idleness, and health outcomes of young Black males.

Please arrive on time to the meeting, and please do not forget to sign-up for the meeting’s Speaker’s List before the meeting begins at 5:30 p.m.

You can pre-register prior to the 28th, by email, or by telephone, at: WeAreWomenWarriorsOrganization@Gmail.Com, or at: +1(716) 248-8783.

Refreshments will be served 7:30-8 PM in the library’s small meeting room. 

Hope to see you there!