Will Crystal Barton Return to McKinley High?
Crystal Barton

It was reported in Tuesday’s Buffalo News that former McKinley High School principal Crystal Barton has been given the option of returning to her job as a principal of McKinley High under terms of an agreement she reached with the Board of Education. She has been on paid administrative leave for the last five years. She reportedly received over $600,000 while the BPS tried to fire her. She asked the district to reinstate her in 2018 but the district kept her on paid leave pending bogus charges. For decades Mrs. Barton, highly respected as a principal, had a reputation  for running one of the city’s best schools under her tenure.


New Police Advisory Board Seeks Members

In March  the Buffalo Common Council voted to create a New Police Advisory Board. The board will host 11 members and be composed of at least one member with the following backgrounds in mental health, criminal justice, law and restorative justice. The members will be voted on by the Common Council and any added members will go through a confirmation process through the common council. 

Applications will be open   through April 13 Via Buffalo Common Council facebook page, emailing  councilstaff@buffalo.gov or physical submission to the City Clerks office. You must be a Buffalo resident 18 years and over to apply.  You can find a video of the meeting on Buffalo Common Council facebook page or reposted on the challenger news page.




Judge Troutman Officially Sworn In
Hon. Shirley Troutman

Hon. Shirley Troutman was officially sworn in as a member of the New York Court State of Appeals in Albany. Troutman is the second Black female ever and the first woman from Western New York to join the court. She started the job in February. Justice Troutman, a graduate of Bennett High School, has served as an Assistant District Attorney’s office, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Trial Court Judge, Acting Supreme Court Justice, and elected to the Supreme Court in 2009.