All He Got For Federal Building’s Iconic Design Was a Trip to Burger King…

Levon Jones Continues His Fight For Justice and Recognition!

By Rev. Markeisha M. Jackson

“Can you imagine looking at something you made and not given your credit and recognition. And when you tell everyone you designed a building they think you’re insane. I understand the same, that America eats it’s young. Sometimes they work outside the rules that’s how they won, still I WON!”

First Federal Plaza in Rochester NY

Those were the words from Levon Jones. After viewing the film he produced, cast scouted and directed, it captured my awareness and passion that our foundation is adamant on injustices. In 1972 when Levon was 9, the Rochester City School District held a 4th grade Restaurant and Building contest, and he won. But that was just the start of decades of frustration.

In April of 1974, with Kevin’s original drawing the construction began on the iconic First Federal Plaza building with its round top. Then in August 1976 WDKX the African American Radio Station, announced the Grand Opening and now 12 years young Levon Jones’ name was never mentioned. He said all he got was to eat at Burger King Midtown – not even at the Changing Scenes Restaurant.

In fact he never got any credit for it until November 2021, when the 7th Judicial Monroe County Judge John J. Ark on record of the claim acknowledged him as the Original Architect Designer. He thanked Mr. Levon Jones for the original design of his building – the historical fifth tallest building standing in Rochester New York, 28 Main St. the First Federal Plaza Building.

The claim is still active and public record.