TIME BOMB: What’s Behind The Mask Is About To Be Unveiled

Just my thoughts. 

That politically correct stuff doesn’t get the message across. I don’t mix words and I don’t know any other way to say what God lays on my heart. 

Murder upon murder… Black on Black murder… Teenagers, young men and WOMAN stretched out in a pool of blood… Homicide tape everywhere… Folk waging war in the classroom… Non-stop beef… School isn’t safe… Suicide rate high as ever… 8 year- old  KILLING themselves. Look it up… Prayer without action DON’T WORK. 

 Folks waiting for principles, political figures, pastors, and a school board to raise their kids. I got news for you. Midnight basketball won’t do it and help isn’t coming. Time for parents to become the child’s biggest cheerleader. Time to challenge our young people. We cannot raise our children as if it is the 60s and 70s. It’s 2021. These young people have innovative minds. They bore quickly. We as adults have to constantly keep them involved. Keep their attention. We need to learn to understand their world. If we don’t understand their world, how can we teach them to live in it?

 I wish I would depend on another man to knock on my door to direct my household. Be ACCOUNTABLE for your own kids. Look hard at what you created. Ask yourself a question: “ARE YOU RAISING YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN TO ONE DAY KILL MINE?” It’s  a fair question because your kids share space not just in the classroom, but in the world. 

Besides better parenting, I think there should be cameras that cover every inch of our schools. I’m sure folks will argue it’s a violation of privacy. But if you ask the child I’m sure they would rather have big brother watching over them while they learn as opposed to a gangbanger intimidating them from across the classroom. Closed circuit cameras should be inside and outside the school; the same kind of  cameras  used to capture license plates in school zones. Also, each class should have two-way mirrors. Big brother should be able to watch from the district police station. Parents should be able to watch their children in school from an app on their cell phone. We have groups the Government just gave thousands of dollars to. Just gave the district millions. Tell us why a state-of-the-art camera system shouldn’t be installed. Tell us why state-of-the-art metal detectors shouldn’t be installed.

ANY of our children can be on EITHER SIDE of the gun. It’s very important to be more interactive than ever with our children. I have been working from home in one room for the last two years. I’m a social butterfly to a degree. My outlet in large part has been social media. No matter who you are, two  years in covid lockdown is a lot of change. A lot of built-up frustration even as an adult. It’s not all parents. But respect, accountability, and morals come from home.

Folks don’t just wake up and decide to kill. It’s a process. Picture our children confined to home. A lot of them have been confined to their bedroom the last two years. Picture the mental effect. The only heroes, direction, and examples come from social media, Tik Tok, Facebook, and cell phones. They turn the TV on and all they see is adults engaged in nasty political wars. Brown vs Walton, democrats vs republicans, school board members screaming and yelling at each other, adults fighting in the church house, weed legalized. Everybody high. Mom screaming. Dad screaming. But the same adults on the news are talking about solutions. Speak      

 Lord. We need you!

 I need anyone who has a child under your roof or children period to simply spend 24 straight hours with that child. Have a conversation. Not just the adult talking and pointing out all that’s wrong.  Listen to your child and find something to celebrate or build on. You would be amazed by what you find out. Constantly monitor their social media, check their cell phones. The key is  to pay UNDIVIDED attention. If you hear something or see something you don’t understand,  instead of passing judgment,  offer an option. But whatever you do – just listen. Just listen. Our youth are clearly speaking.

Here’s an idea for the village. Ask the young folks: What do you want? What will make you  feel safe? Make them feel inclusive in the process.

The weather is about to break and  outside is beginning to open. What’s behind the mask is about to be unveiled. That built-up rage becomes a ticking time bomb once they hit the streets. 

One wrong word… BO0M!!! The bomb detonates. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick Tock…