Letter To The Editor: I’m Just Sayin.

Dear Editor,

Recently I was given the opportunity to be interviewed by a news reporter regarding the snow removal matter in the City of Buffalo. I took that opportunity to not only give my opinion about the snow removal but to speak out about a few other “Quality Of Life” issues.  

I told the reporter that the solution is very simple. We can start by STRICTLY enforcing the existing City Laws, Ordinances and Regulations. What is the point in having them if they are not going to be “STRICTLY” enforced?

 I told the reporter that if tickets are given to violators, I guarantee that people will quickly comply.

told the reporter that instead of pushing the ice and snow across our driveways that they should have brought a second truck to take it away. Common Sense ain’t so common.

I told the reporter that it LOOKS like we are being REDLINED on my side of Eggert Rd. The other side is Buffalo too but it is on the border of Cheektowaga and a totally different world LITERALLY across the street. Their streets are plowed and salted down to the pavement while lots of our streets are like riding a roller coaster over the snow and ice.

I told the reporter that we need to STRICTLY enforce everything from the menacing looking dark windows on cars to the speeding up and down our streets to the BOOMING music that Disturb the Peace.

Finally, I told the reporter that absentee landlords need to be held ACCOUNTABLE for the behavior of their tenants and the guests of their tenants instead of just collecting the rent and going back to their suburban neighborhoods.  

We live in “Neighborhoods” and not in isolation. Some people need to be “TAUGHT” how to be considerate of their “Neighbors” and to Follow The Rules.


-Dorothy Wagstaf

(photo challenger archives)