Conversations: The Black Radical Tradition

by Jalil Muntaqim

We need to enter this dialogue –  “Conversations: The Black Radical Tradition” –  as conditions in this community worsens while activist across the country are experiencing similar if not the same socio-economic and political fate as here in Rochester (and  Buffalo and surrounding areas).

There is a new narrative developing across the country, forging a determination that is evolving from a civil rights legacy and history that had confined the overall struggle within the domestic jurisdiction of the U.S. settler-colonial corporate government.  Many  activists across the country, after having witnessed the January 6th insurrection supporting the   malignant philosophy and belief of “white supremacy,”  have decided to internationalize the struggle, adhering to instructions by the indomitable Malcolm X ( Al-Hajj Malik Shabazz).

During Black History Month, on February 10th at 7 p.m., I will be hosting the screening of “Conversations: The Black Radical Tradition” at  the VSW, 31 Prince Street, Rochester, NY.

I will also open discussion on the documents “We Still Charge Genocide “ and “Peoples Senate Overview: Vision and  Mission Statement”  – a focus on how   the national narrative is being changed from a struggle for civil rights to one for Human Rights.

For a pdf of these documents email this writer at