Not Paying Attention Will Cost You Your Future!

Just think what it means that Karl Rittenhouse was not only found not guilty of going to Wisconsin, armed with a military grade assault rifle that he illegally carried across state lines, because he heard that the Black Lives Matter protesters would get out of control and begin looting the White businesses that were owned by white business owners that he did not know, he is now being glamorized by the white supremacist media outlets like Fox News,  given thousands of dollars in legal fees and aid and has actually been made into a weird superhero for right wing white militia groups. 

All of this, despite the reality that he killed two people and mortally wounded another, with an assault rifle and was then escorted out of the area by a White police force who cheered him on for satisfying his blood lust and gave him water to quench his biological thirst. Yes, My people, this young vigilante killed two people without any cause other than that they had the audacity to challenge his presence in a town that was not his, armed with an assault rifle that he should not have had and displayed murderous behavior that threatened everyone in view. 

We didn’t pay attention while this whole drama of White men’s insecurities played  itself out in the promotion of a “manifest destiny”. A false notion that brings White racism and militarism together as two sides of the same “Make America Great Again” coin. An illegal and corrupt coin that will kill even it’s own in promotion of its agenda, like we also saw in Charlottesville, where a White woman was mowed down by a car driven by another White nationalist. 

My People, the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States,  gave white men the right to form militias, to take land from our indigenous brothers and sisters, (the so-called Indians),  rape their women, enslave their young people; and of course have guns;  the same way that the Thirteenth Amendment gave white men the legal right to enslave  Afrikans ,in mass imprisonment in the form of the prison industrial complex.  

But, we still ain’t payin’ attention and we ain’t looking at the true history of an America that is connected to a reality that threatens us all. We just have to pay more attention, awaken our consciousness and keep it woke. 

We have to stay on top of all of the words and actions that come from those in our government,  in our classrooms and in our media rooms.  If we listen hard enough, they can’t help themselves, when it comes to telling on themselves. Telling us exactly what they are doing, as they try to code their language and symbolize their behaviors. 



All of this would be obvious for us to see, if we could only take off the blinders of the inferiority complexes, the false idea that “we are less than,” or “we don’t deserve better”  which are ideas they embedded in us, that causes us not to see racism, or lies, or corruption, even when it is in our face. 

White racism and violence go hand in hand, My People, they are both manifestations of Eurocentric Patriarchy,White men’s insecurity and theBlack men who follow their script show this sickness in their words and actions. And yes, when Black men or women adopt those same behaviors they are acting off of the same script as their White idols.

We are not paying attention, for example, when Black men align themselves with conservative politics for personal gain, a White woman or one that looks as close to White as they can get, and/or a little aggrandizement, they adopt a patriarchal attitude towards everyone and treat everyone, especially women,  the same way they see White men do it. We just have to look. Like they wanna be yo daddy.

Watch how a Black man treats Black women, or people in general and that will tell you alot about what that Black man’s politics are really about. Check out his track record in working with others, especially Black women and see what he has or has not done.Or conversely watch how a Black woman treats people and especially Black men. If we watch and pay attention we will see where someone’s head and heart are at by listening deeply and watching thoroughly what they say and do in their treatment of others.  

Recently, we have seen the rise of a group of White women,  claiming that their sons and daughters are being threatened,  by having to learn the truth about what White people have done in the world historically and especially what White people have done in America. The term they are using is that teaching the truth to White children in public schools is “Wokeness” and “Critical Race Theory” and it will teach little White boys and White girls to hate themselves. 

These white suburban and trailer park Mothers,  are calling themselves “Mothers for America” out of Florida and “Mothers of Liberty”, out of North Carolina, I think,  remind me of the true history of the fake “Statue of Liberty” that sits in New York’s harbor. 

The real history, here in America, was that the United States Government sent the original symbol  of Liberty, back to France,  because it was a statue of a Black Woman with Broken chains.          

That statue of a Black Woman, with chains broken, was first sent to America from France, in congratulations for the so-called Emancipation Proclamation.    America refused to accept that statue and sent it back to France with the request that they, the Frenchman,  produce a statue of a white woman with blinders on her eyes holding a torch and a scale. 

We don’t know that part of American history cause they don’t teach it,  and we don’t want to know it for fear of being stigmatized as “Woke”. Cause “wokeness” means that you have been awakened to the truths of an America that was built on the enslavement of and continued degradation of Black people, that included rape and murder of Black and Brown people throughout ur stay in America and  the theft of our ancestors labor and the land  here in America and in Africa.

Now, these so-called “Mother’s of Liberty”, have chapters in at least 33 states in the United States, where they have vowed to stop teachers from teaching the real history of America to all children. These “Mothers of Liberty” don’t want Our future generations to have the full information about our collective  history that they need to make the righteous decisions to make up for a past that we all should be ashamed of. 

Yes, my fellow human beings,  these are the  truths of “wokeness” and “critical race theory” that some white people don’t want taught in our schools. The “critical race theory” that tells the truth about the African Origin of Civilization.  About the true fact that the Greeks came to Africa, the place that they  called Egypt and Ethiopia, “land of burnt faces” to study under the Black priest who were the most renown scholars of those times.  That is part of the “Wokeness” they don’t want you “woke” to, which also includes everything you can  imagine about early white people in America and their history as laid out clearly in a history book by a White man, Howard Zinn,  appropriately named “The People’s History”. A book that  details all the lies about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who were actually rapist, slave owners and thieves,  and Christopher Columbus who was a known rapist and murderer who caused the onslaught of european expansionism, which stole the land and wealth from the so-called “indians” who lived on and cared for this country we call America,  hundreds of years before Columbus only got to sail around the coast. True fact, Columbus never set foot in America. 

So, when Washington, Jefferson and other white men talked about liberty and independence, freedom and justice, know for a fact that they were not including Black or Brown people. They were not even talking about their own women,  because white woman were also considered the property of white men at that time. Yet, we should not forget that those same white women sleep with these rapist, murdering, thieving white men every night. I believe their mentality is the same as the mentality of the white women who now with the shame of centuries on their consciences, call themselves “Mothers of liberty” and vow that no one will teach the truth of American history.

 It is up to us, My People, who want to know the real history of America,  to decide that we all have the inalienable rights that will allow us to have the equity in all of our lives, that we all deserve because we all bring the raw material of human potential to the table, and not be denied because of the color of our skin.

I believe that these Mothers of Liberty and Daughters of America need to be rejected, the same way the Ku Klux Klan must be rejected,   if we are to build a just and moral society. A society where we all as human beings can make up for our wrongs and restore ourselves to the human family by doing whatever is necessary to make amends for past behaviors,  so that everyone of us feels whole again. I believe we can all feel whole again when we have dismantled the stranglehold of racism and the ignorance it engenders, when we eliminate discrimination and eradicate wealth inequality and political corruption. When we fly all of our flags in the United Nations of the human family.  That wholeness  is how each of us would feel when there is no racism and discrimination, no wealth inequality, no educational misinformation or political corruption to keep us all  in the mental chains of enslavement.

If you want to be a part of the reclamation of Our Collective Power, then Paying Attention is the one price that you must be willing to pay. The assault on Black people in it’s many forms have not ceased since the United States government was forced to enact the Emancipation Proclamation. But, remember, they followed that with the 13th Amendment to The United States Constitution. My People please pay attention and know they have been creating ways to keep us enslaved in one way or another since that time. Now, they are stepping up their assaults on our bodies, on our minds and on all of the laws that are supposed to protect all of us. Voting rights are under attack and legislation on what can and cannot be taught in our schools is under attack right now in states across the country.  They are organizing and promoting their vision of a white controlled America all over the Country. 

My People, unless there is a concerted effort by all of us,  to stay woke, and be  critical of all that is wrong with this country, the racist, fear mongering hoards will accomplish what they attempted to do with the January 6th attempted insurrection. 

If we, The People, do not wake up and begin to act on what we know, by electing the right people to Public Office and fighting to create the  legislation that pushes back against any form of discriminatory practices these racist hate mongers will create the fascist regime that eradicates the need for Universal Justice, Truth and Reconciliation and the Moral Imperatives that protect us all from any form of discrimination, injustice or harm to any of us based on the color of our skin, our zip code or how much money we make. 

Power to The People! 

Your Brother , BaBa Omowale Eng