India Walton To Join New York Progressive Group

The New York Working Families Party is enlisting former Buffalo  Mayoral candidate India Walton as a spokesperson and organizer. She is due to join the New York Working Families Party, one of the state’s most influential   progressive groups, as a senior adviser for special projects.  “I would describe it as a perfect platform to continue the work that was started during the campaign,” Walton said.  “The campaign is over but the issues still exist in Buffalo and Western New York, and all the places our elected so fondly call ‘upstate.  “India is one of the sharpest communicators that I’ve seen,” Sochie Nnaemeka, New York state director of the Working Families Party told  Huff Post. “She’s able to speak to policy nuance and the anger, the hurt and the real lived experience of people on the ground.