Betty Jean Grant Deserves Our Praise and Support

Dear Editor:

  I am writing to express my support for Betty Jean Grant. For many years Ms. Grant has worked diligently and with great distinction for the benefit of her beloved East Side community. For her service she has received a lifetime achievement award from the Western New York Peace Center as well as the 2118 Woman of Courage, Compassion and Achievement award from Erie County Public Library Women’s History Month She has served as Chair of the County Legislature and also served on the Buffalo Board of Education. Betty Jean Grant has also run for mayor. She has worked at the Board of Elections and helped to register hundreds of voters. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, even when there was no vaccine, she traveled the neighborhood offering the neighborhood residents sanitizer and face makes, at her own expense.. She still offers these essential items at her community general store.

Given the atrocity of the January 6th insurrection, vitriolic rhetoric and the invidious innuendo of the recent mayoral campaign, it was reasonable for Ms. Grant to suspect an irregularity on such a contentious election. After all, to “rubber stamp” an election is commonly considered the antithesis of a free and fair elections.

 Having served 10 years on the county legislature, Ms. Grant has clearly shown her dedication to the democratic norms.

Her actions arose from the concern that these norms were being violated. She is a champion of democracy and community service and deserves our praise and respect.