African Heritage Food Co-Op’s Vision

Above: Rendition of the future African Heritage Food Co-Op on  Carlton Street which is scheduled to open in 2023.

In  2016 Alexander J. Wright   founded the African Heritage Food Coop.  His vision, and the vision of those who supported  him,  was to “create a world where inner city “neighborhoods” can become Communities. Where NO ONE goes without HEALTHY AFFORDABLE food options. Most importantly a world in which we can create Ownership and employment opportunities IN and FOR the COMMUNITY.”

The mission: “Nourishment, ownership and investing in “us” 

Wright organized a meeting of like-minded members of the community who wanted to provide fresh produce to the areas of the city considered “food deserts.”

One year later they celebrated their first  Anniversary of the  Cooperative’s  first box pick up. 

“It hasn’t always been easy but we stuck it out and made it together,” said Wright. 

Today the co-op has a grocery store on Highland Avenue in Niagara Falls and community gardens in both Niagara Falls and Buffalo.  The co-op also sources its produce from several local farms and has purchased a 22-acre farm in Franklinville.

Plans for the Carlton Street location gelled in 2019 when an anonymous donor purchased the fire-damaged structure and donated it to the co-op.  With assistance from Preservation Buffalo Niagara, the building’s roof was repaired and the structure was stabilized in 2019

Most recently it was announced that the Heritage Cooperative will begin construction work this year  on the 238 Carlton Street location.   The new facility  will reuse the 3,833 sq. ft. historic building and add a greenhouse to it.

 It is expected to open in August 2023!

The new facility will look like.  The co-op will reuse the 3,838 sq.ft. historic building and add a greenhouse to it.

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