A Healthy Community is a Wealthy Community: During Cold and Flu Season Use the Power of Lemons and Herbs To Boost Immunity

article and image by Leah Hamilton 

If you don’t have lemons in your refrigerator, be sure to add them to your grocery list year round because it’s not just for tasty lemonade or specific recipes. As a matter of fact, adding lemon water to your diet will improve your health, give you a daily boost of vitamin C, potassium naturally and is a perfect immune system enhancer to fight off colds and flu.

Because of their antiviral and antibacterial properties lemons help prevent infection and naturally fight viral matter in the body, they flush the system of harmful matter, detoxifies your blood and boosts your immunity.

While it is an excellent way to prevent colds, you can always drink warm lemon water during a cold to help loosen congestion which may lessen the duration of symptoms and our favorite go to for a sore throat is lemon and honey mixed together and taken by spoon to helps suppress a cough. 

Be it hot tea or cold beverage you can make a variety of drinks to enhance the already powerful immune fighting lemon by combining it with and healing herbs. 

During winter hot tea ( not too hot) is internally soothing and warming .

For the following teas with lemon and herbs, I’ve included raw honey as the sweetener. Raw honey has medicinal properties full of antioxidants, contains antibacterial and antifungal properties, promotes relaxation and rest, and boosts immunity. Of course the simple blend of raw honey and lemon make an excellent healing tea, however  adding herbs bring it up a notch. 

When making tea, be it fresh or store bought, be sure to allow the herbs to steep for 10-15 minutes to get a good dose of their benefits. Two brands recommended for herbal teas  are Traditional Medicinals or Buddha tea blends. Don’t forget to add the Lemon! 

•Lemon with Raw Honey and Ginger 

Ginger is loaded with antioxidants, strengthens immunity and  helps with nausea among its many benefits. 

•Lemon with Raw Honey and Cayenne 

Cayenne contains zinc a super immune builder, it enhances circulation and also clear up profuse sneezing, stuffy nose (sinus) and post nasal drip. (just a dash will do)

•Lemon with Raw Honey and Echinacea

Echinacea is a super cure herb used to combat infections from both viruses and bacteria and creates a heavy immune defense.

•Lemon with Raw 

Honey and Nettle  

Nettles reduce inflammation and also contain  vitamin C and K all of the essential amino acids which improve health. 

•Lemon with Raw Honey and Rosemary and Thyme 

 These two herbs fight disease, bacteria and pathogens. Rosemary reduces headaches stimulates blood flow, thyme acts as a decongestant and expectorant. 

•Lemon with Raw Honey and Mullein 

Mullein is good for respiratory and lung health, chills, and expels mucus 

•Lemon with Raw Honey Ginseng

Ginseng enhances health, mood and reduces fatigue.

•Lemon with Raw Honey and Rosehips 

Rose hips prevents and treat colds, flu and diarrhea . Great for vitamin C deficiencies. 

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Challenger News Associate Publisher and creatorBlack Girls Juice 716 Leah Hamilton