The Outer Harbor Is Now The Best Site For A New Multi-Use Stadium Complex

Dear Editor:

The Buffalo News recently reported that Congressman Brian Higgins Plans to improve access to the waterfront with $189.5 million dollars now catapults the outer harbor land site as the ideal land site for a new multi-use stadium. This land site was long named as the best site for a future stadium by HKS inc. back in 2012 but was rejected for assorted reasons. One of the excuses was the cost needed to improve infrastructure would be too much. Well, you would be receiving $189.5 million from the federal government which reduces the needed funding for infrastructure which includes lengthening the metro light rail line for starts by ¾ of a mile and now you have light rail to your stadium site which reduces the traffic flow to and from. There is no land acquisition because the land is publicly owned.

The arguments for another viable site are truly falling by the wayside with this huge announcement by Congressman Brian Higgins which would be a game changer for this region, and Southern Ontario. The Perry site is burdened with a plethora of legal encumbrances and is not workable with the time available to make this project work. The preliminary work has already been completed making the Outer Harbor as the best site for a multiuse stadium complex located in the city of Buffalo New York. This could be an historic game changer if the authorities do the right thing. The stadium needs to be built on the Outer Harbor land site, it is that plain and simple. I am asking all that want real change in our region to support this proposal.

Patrick Freeman, The Mighty O’Ba