Kente Claus, The International Afri-Centric Father Claus With A Cause Has A Full Weekend Ahead In The City Of Buffalo Dec 11 And 12 !

Kente Claus, who some may be familiar with and some learning about this year, has been traveling around North America to different areas of respected Black and Brown communities from the west coast to right here in the City of Buffalo spreading joy and the true spirit of Christmas for the past couple of years.  

You may have spotted him on his continued  mission to get support to help boys and girls in Africa and the Caribbean, over in the African American Heritage Corridor or at popular businesses around town raising awareness and building support for kids a little less fortunate. 

“What I hope to accomplish each and every Christmas is to remind everyone why we celebrate Christmas, to ignite the song ‘Joy To the World’  in their hearts and to educate the youth on who they are and where they come from,” said  Kente Claus creator and performer  Dewitt Lee . 

Kente Claus offers  spirited words of wisdom, hope and speaks life to children.

“Every year it becomes more and more important to lift the young spirits of children as well as their parents. They who especially have had a very difficult time, nothing warms the heart of a parent than to see their child smile,” he continued.

With  stories of our ancestors from Egypt, Ghana and people of African descent across the world, Kente Claus aims to shift their focus from material gains to value what is most important and  fundamental such as faith, family, future and most importantly for the children, to have fun.  

Kente is inviting people in our city and around the world to join his mission of spreading hope and love through selfless acts of giving and now he has a fun-filled two-day weekend planned this holiday season.

“This year’s Christmas message is to see today as a gift, the present .. so unwrap every day with great anticipation and no matter what you get, be grateful because it was given to us through love, the love of God,” concluded Kente Claus.

 This weekend ( as shown in the ad below) Kente will be out and about in Buffalo :

On  December 11 

Kente Claus will be making some surprise visits to select community schools to spread joy and lift the spirits of children on his way through the city Saturday morning.

He will also be creating a special Christmas message and reading for families and kids that will be found  on his social media page @kenteclaus on Facebook and Instagram and will also be found on the Challenger News social media pages.

On December 12 

Kente Claus is having a special event and invites kids and families to meet at 2pm at Canalside Carousel  then on to Canalside Ice Rink for a wonderful iceskating experience  with Kente then on to Board the Kente Claus Christmas Express for a  (free)  ride to Fountain Plaza with a surprise guest who will board each of the stops.

There will also be photos and storytime opportunities throughout the day at Oyoyos Picture Perfect Picnics, the only indoor picnic facility in the world located in the heart of the Theatre District. Bookings require an RSVP and time slots for this holiday is ONLY Sunday, Monday or Tuesday go to to secure your spot or call Natalie from Oyoyos at 716-553-9908

Bundle Up and See you At Canalside! Ho-Ho-Hotep