How Many More? How Many More Children are We Going to Sacrifice Because of This Coaching Policy in Buffalo Public School?

by Aymanuel Radford

The state of the Hutch Tech football program, to say it nicely, is in complete disarray. What makes the situation worse is that our students tried to warn us. 

Four   years ago  a group of Hutch Tech student athletes got together and started a petition to keep their coach, Nick Todaro. They believed in him and the culture he was building, and they wanted him to stay. He was coming off a 3-6 season and things were looking up. I know you’re asking why they had to start a petition to keep someone  who the players had complete faith in. Seniority!!!!!!! That’s the word.

That’s the reason their coach was ripped away from them.  Coach Tony Trulizzio had usurped coach Todaro because the policy in Buffalo Public School is that A TEACHER with the most seniority has first rights to the job. Now coach Trulizzio brought a bevy of coaching experience and asked the players to just give him a chance. Although the children still moved forward with their petition and ended up with almost 1500 signatures, the school district did nothing and Coach T (as he is known) took over and since that very moment the football program would never be the same. 

Since Coach T took over,   in the past 3 seasons Hutch Tech is a combined 1-22. Yes, you read it right , 1-22!!!!!! In the 2020-21 Covid season the team scored a total of 8 points in the WHOLE SEASON!!! On the We the Parents Podcast we had one student describe the situation as “unorganized.”  The student also stated that the team walked into games often expecting to lose. Expecting to lose!!!! Do you know how unsettling that is to hear from a student athlete?

 I know at this point you think it’s just about football but you’re wrong. Football is just the tip of this spear, we’re talking about the psychological, emotional and mental impact this losing culture and toxic environment is having on our Black and Brown young men.

THEY DESERVE BETTER! Again, I ask –  how many more, before our district does something about this? How many more before our teachers care more about the well-being of our student athletes and not just padding their pensions.

We have to do better as a community in putting the right people in front of our children. It’s time for Coach T to go. He should have never been there in the first place!!!!