Former President Barack Obama Pens Personal Note of  Encouragement to India Walton

India Walton’s campaign for Mayor shook up this city and made headlines around the country because of its historic nature. From interviews in publications such as The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the New Yorker Magazine and others   to  national networks and endorsements from some of the nation’s  most powerful  political figures, India was the “woman of the hour.”   When her campaign kicked off early voting with   a rally in  downtown Buffalo,  over 1,000 people crowded into the Town Ballroom. It was electrical and magical.  

Even after the election was over, and her opponent declared victory, the praise for India continued to come in.

Most recently, and perhaps  most significantly, was a hand written note from former President Barack Obama, which surely gave her reason to smile. And to stay encouraged.

President Obama congratulated India  on a job well done, and assured her that  although the results  of the election may have been disappointing to her, that she achieved an even greater victory/ goal – that of “inspiring a lot  of people.” 

 “ I hope you stay active in trying to make a difference,” Obama wrote. “Good Luck!”