Cover Artist Profile: Jay P. Hawkins Revolutionary Strokes

Buffalo born and raised artist Jay P. Hawkins Sr., aka Cashis Green, is the creator of a uniquely magnificent Sankofa bird featured on the cover of this year’s Kwanzaa edition! A former Performing Arts, and Villa Maria College student, Jay has been painting since the age of two. The proud father and dedicated creator has been working professionally as an artist for over five  years, showing in multiple gallery exhibitions throughout the city of Buffalo and summer festivals like Juneteenth and Beau Fleuve Music and Arts Festival. 

“I work mostly with acrylic paint focusing on portrait work, abstract styles, along with African patterns, prints, & symbols. The message I seek to communicate through my art is one of power, color, education, and wonder,” he told the Challenger News. 

one of the many unique kwanzaa illustrations by buffalo artist Jay P. Hawkins of Revolutionary Strokes. (c)2021

Working from paper to canvas and all media in between Jay recently completed two murals over the summer on Buffalo’s Eastside (one with fellow WNY Urban Arts Collective members Ari Moore and Princess Figueroa as part of the Amoore Viaduct project) where both murals can be found on Doat Street. 

His recent depiction of the Sankofa bird on our cover is the first time the artist has been featured in our publication,. “The inspiration for my Kwanzaa Sankofa bird was to create an image that resonated with our people and our heritage in a fun, colorful, creative way,”  he said. Jay is also an author and is set to begin writing a column that will appear in The Challenger starting in 2022 entitled “Speak On It” where he will be addressing common issues, we all face in the Black community. He hopes to start a  dialogue on how we can find solutions to the problems we face as a people. 

This year during Kwanzaa his brand, Revolutionary Strokes, will be facilitating a Kwanzaa coloring educational workshop at Resource Council WNY (the old YMCA) at 347 E. Ferry every day of Kwanzaa from December 26th thru January 1. (Follow his social media page below for  workshop schedule)  

The artistalso   has Kwanzaa and Christmas cards (Sankofa bird above included) available for purchase.

Follow him on social media @RevolutionaryStrokes