Bills Stampeded By Run Happy Patriots 14 – 10

The Bills defense, playing with inexperienced linebacker Tyrel Dodson, got run over by an experienced offensive line and superior coaching staff in Monday night’s 14-0 loss to the Patriots.

The  Bills need a bigger nose tackle and better edge rushers who can make plays at the line of scrimmage. This game was what I predicted – a nail-biter with Bills offense continuing to struggle without a strong running game. The  Bills front office seemed to forget they live and play in Western New York. It gets very cold with high winds, rain, sleet, and snow some of the time. You must have a running game to be successful in the NFL. I would give running back Antonio Williams a chance to run inside the tackles in a physical manner. The Bills do not have a physical running back or game plan in order to play in these types of elements. 

The Bills defensive unit has to be embarrassed by getting its butt kicked by a very large offensive line of New England Patriots that blocked for 46 rushes, 222 yards. There has only been one game in the history of the NFL where a team only threw two passes in a game and we had the pleasure of seeing it in 1974 with O.J. Simpson carrying the ball for Buffalo Bills in a win against the New York Jets. The Patriots threw the ball only three times on their way to stomping a mud hole and leaving cleat marks in the defensive linemen’s chest. Bills defensive lineman Harrison Phillips was the only one to show up and play with pride and make a few tackles at  the line of scrimmage. 

The Bills have only 5 days before boarding a plane and heading to Tampa Bay to face the one and only Tom Brady and company –  a  team that can pass the ball and has a very strong running game.   But   due to Bucs injuries in their secondary I’m still betting on the  Bills to pull an  upset 38 -34 in a thriller. It’s a MUST win game for Bills or this season will truly spiral out of control.      

If there was ever a reason for a New Downtown Dome Multi use Stadium this past Monday night appearance on Monday Night Football was clear evidence in that favor. There were horrible playing conditions for a finesse Buffalo Bills football team. Our fan base deserves a Dome climate-controlled stadium to see our team play.

Challenger News Buffalo Bills Columnist and Sports Editor George Radney

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