Why Won’t Black Men Stand Up For The Black Woman? Reflections on The 2021 Race For Mayor 

By Darvin Adams

First, I would like to congratulate and pay tribute to India Walton for running a strong, dedicated and tasteful campaign. Job well done. Secondly, I must give appreciation  to Betty Jean Grant and the Women for Walton in their dedicated support. I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of Cariol Horne and Queen Nia AsheeMa’at. Team India, you also did a fabulous job in managing this campaign. History was made on this entire campaign.

However despite the historical significance of this campaign, and India’s focused, issues driven platform, it  also brought to light a disturbing and sad reality which leads one to ask the question: Why Won’t Black Men Stand Up For The Black Woman?   What happened to our Black men? When and why did we stop protecting and start disrespecting our most prized possession, our Black queens? 

During the course of this campaign there we some very ugly scenarios:  a malicious verbal insult by a Black community columnist  and Brown supporter who referred to India as “a hood rat”; Black clergymen who supported Brown and stood silent as his campaign  disrespected and slandered her and used fear mongering and lies to discredit her character.  

And while I congratulate Mayor Brown on his win,   I am still totally disgusted at the way he, as a  Black man, an educated Black man, acted during this election. It was one of the most shameful, divisive  political campaigns that I have ever witnessed – all for political and financial gain.

He clearly never took into consideration  how those dreadful commercials, the demeaning ads and statements,  on TV and in social media outlets, would effect her young  sons. Did they have to face ridicule   in school and from their friends and peers? 

Is this the legacy Mayor Brown and other Black men want to leave?  Is this the example of manhood they want to present?  Remember, “in order for a boy to be a man he must first see a man!”

 Showing honor and respect to our Black women is paramount to building a strong Black nation and community. But our boys have to be taught to do so.   

Sadly, this election season, they only saw examples of  how to be dishonest, demeaning and disrespectful towards our women.  I’m Just Saying…