Urgent: Buffalo Public School Student Transportation – A Crisis We Can No Longer Ignore! 

by Sherry Sherill

I am writing in support of a wonderful and vigilant community Organization in Buffalo (NY) called “We The Parents”, which is co-chaired by longtime Upstate Western New York community activist Samuel Radford. Mr. Radford, is also the past president of District Parent Coordinating Council [DPCC}, another pro-parent/pro-student Issues support network component and Concern. I, myself, am the Special Projects Facilitator at We Are Women Warriors, which is yet another community-focused Organization targeting quality-of-life Issues impacting the minority community in Buffalo, and in Erie County. The Warriors Organization is (also) based in Buffalo.

What has driven us to reach out in advocacy, is the current crisis taking place in Buffalo, in which upwards of 500 students EACH AND EVERY SCHOOL DAY, are not being picked up and driven to school by the student transportation contractor currently charged with the provision of that crucial public service. It is a given that when those “neglected” students are left standing at their assigned bus stops each and every day, their parents must then find the ways and means to get their child//children to those pupils’ educational institutions. This is a disaster circumstance that must need be addressed and resolved, and quickly!

If the U.S. State Of New York must deploy this State’s National Guard servicemen and servicewomen, to effectively solve this dilemma, Governor Kathy Hochul needs to take the necessary steps to do so. A significant number of inner-city Buffalo households, who are the families most impacted by this unforeseen problem that they themselves did not cause, are very low-to-moderate income. These parent-individuals can ill afford to risk arriving late to their jobs due to having to suddenly and necessarily become student transportation designees. Moreover, many of these parents lack a private vehicle and they (then) have to resort to utilizing public transit. The fact of the overarching problem being further exacerbated by the latter reality is both undeniable and obvious.

The Issue of the problematic performance and implementation of Buffalo Public School Student Transportation should be at the top of this community’s Quality-Of-Life Issues Agenda. Parents in the City Of Buffalo need the assistance of our governor, at this very urgent time! The We Are Women Warriors Organization stands in support of these families, and we stand in support of the diligent community-focused Organization(s) serving them. What is needed, right now, is for City Of Buffalo residents, and, indeed, residents of Erie County, to contact New York State Governor Kathy Hochul, in support of the parents of Buffalo Public School students. Please call (at Extension 1) or write our governor, at the following points-of-contact.

Thank you:

Contact By Phone: 

(518) 474-8390 | Office hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Contact By Mail: The Honorable Kathy Hochul

Governor of New York State, NYS State Capitol Building

Albany, NY 12224.

Local Activist and Columnist Sherry Sherill