The $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill And Why Apprenticeships Are So Important to African Americans

Several  months ago there was talk about the “possibilities and likability’s” of the infrastructure bill being  passed. 

Earlier this week President Biden signed the  $1 trillion bill   into law to rebuild communities across America. Administration officials say hundreds of billions of dollars  will help reverse long-running racial disparities in how the government builds, repairs and locates a wide range of physical infrastructure. That includes $20 billion to “reconnect” communities of color to economic opportunity, as concerns over racial inequality are an animating force of the infrastructure push.  

The question now becomes, what position are we in, as African Americans, to receive the money that has been placed on the table?  

It’s national Apprenticeship week, and  we are promoting apprentice programs especially with the recent infrastructure signing. So I would like to encourage everyone who is not a skilled trades worker to consider an apprentice program. Whether its carpentry or building trade I will do my best to help our community  – men and women – access careers   and good wages that are on the table!

Please contact me, Jomo Akono, Council Representative, North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters at   

Or call   (716)270-7866 (cell)  or  (716)632-1033 (office)

The White House is projecting that the investments will add, on average, about 2 million jobs per year over the coming decade. Let’s not miss out on this opportunity.