Take A Bow India!

by Kat Massey

Not tall in stature but a giant in her righteous for-the-people conviction — India Walton, shook some entrenched, excluding political foundations.

She shoved into recognition the displeasure of significant numbers of people tired of the preceding. It was demonstrated by the considerable votes for her which effectively relayed a demand for immediate, responsive change.

 Notable, India had a broad demographic of supporters which included many Delaware District residents and Westside Latinos.

Her awareness of the deficit of address — for people struggling to pay for rapidly escalating rents and basic needs — stem from her personal experiences with such. She’s a dedicated advocate for affordable housing projects which are scarce in Buffalo.

A recent Buffalo News editorial cartoonist captured the spirit of her message and aim, perfectly. His drawing showed India holding City Hall extending it outward to a group of people with outstretched arms (ie, to benefit the people/citizens).

India Walton has made an unforgettable impression for the need for everyday people-centric improvements/initiatives/government, in Buffalo.

Here’s some proof. In his victory  speech, on Election night, Mayor Brown said his re-election issued a mandate. Therefore, he strongly emphasized his administration will be inclusive, no one left out. The intent will be for Buffalo’s uplifting to benefit all residents.

Take a bow India Walton! “You done more than good.” You did excellent(ly)!

image of India Walton from video still of her winning moment during the  democratic primary race.