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The Bills make you wanna……. literally shout. It all depends on how you shout. Are you shouting at the TV? Maybe you’re shouting at your loved one to be quiet to watch another terrible play call? Maybe you’re shouting on the inside. But what I can say is that I know no one was shouting victory this week has the Jacksonville Jaguars somehow was able to beat the Buffalo Bills 9-6. This defeat was bad for a lot of reasons but I would just name a few to save everyone the headache. This tumultuous loss marked the first time that the Jacksonville Jaguars had won a NFL football game on American soil since Week 1 of 2020. Secondly, the loss confirmed what many of us have seen in the last few weeks. THIS OFFENSE is consistently inconsistent. The Buffalo Bills offense isn’t that great. For starters the offensive line has not gelled together at all. Let’s be clear, Cody Ford is a bust. This is a guy the Buffalo Bills traded up for. Dion Dawkins has not recovered from covid-19. Darrell Williams played his worst game of the season. The Buffalo Bills need to send a distress signal to Spencer Brown ASAP. The Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll once again has shown that he cannot consistently make the proper play calls…. this also includes using the right personnel during football games. If I would have told you that the better Josh Allen was wearing number 41 most people wouldn’t have believed me until you saw Sunday’s game. The run game is still nonexistent. Why did the Buffalo Bills sign Matt Breida? The defense was stellar again as Leslie Frazier does not get enough credit for the phenomenal job he is done as a top three defensive coordinator in the league. The Bills will face a New York Jets that is starting to put things together.  Will the Buffalo Bills redeem themselves? We shall find out Sunday. Until then, the Bills will be making the fanbase wanna SHOUT. 
Buffalo Sabres Hockey 
Well you’re hot then you’re….. never mind all that….that song is reserved for the UB Bulls Football team. As for the Sabres, they have some work to do. The Seattle Craken cracked the whip on the Sabres 5-2 last week during the last game of the Pacific Northwest road trip. The Sabres return home to face the Detroit Red Wings in a game that looks very promising is Rasmus Dahlin scored his first goal of the season.  But with six minutes left in the third period, as quoted by Muki Hawkins, ⁶the bottom fell out have the Sabres gave up two goals in the last five minutes and the Red Wings scored in overtime to win 4-3. Rasmus Dahlin was put on notice for his lackluster defense. The Sabres coach Dan Granato was also put on notice because the Sabres team has now blown three third-period leads in six games. Will the Sabres be able to bounce that as they face the Capitals, Oilers and Leafs this upcoming week?
UB Football News 
The UB Bulls will be looking to bounce back from their shootout loss to Bowling Green 56-44 at UB Stadium two Saturdays ago as they face Miami of Ohio. The Bulls will need a complete effort from both sides of the ball if they want to keep their bowl game hopes alive as they have three games left in the season and currently stands with a 4-5 record. Will the UB Bulls be able to run the table? It starts with Miami of Ohio. For more UB Football News….read the Rise Up Right Articles here at The Challenger News. 
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