Nutrients and Herbs to Naturally Help Combat Headaches

There are over 22 types of  headaches and everyone gets one from time to time.  Nowadays it being a symptom of Covid19 it’s important to be extra aware of them along with other symptoms. If it’s reoccurring and progressively worsens its best to  consult your medical professional since outside of the current wave of covid,  headaches can be an alarm for brain and neurological issues that could be serious.

On the flip side a headache could very well just be a headache caused by stress, tension, anxiety, fatigue, low or high blood sugar, sinusitis, allergies, vitamin deficiencies, constipation, hunger, hormonal imbalances, caffeine consumption, perfumes, alcohol and other irritants. 

Headache experts do estimate that about 90% of all headaches are tension headaches (caused by muscular tension) and we often grab our go to over the counter headache medicines to temporarily solve the discomfort.

It’s important to know that its better to treat the cause of the headache vs the symptom and that long over reliance on asprin  and acetaminophen  and other painkillers can interfere with your brains’ natural ability to fight headaches. 

However adding a regiment of  certain nutrients and herbs can potentially help quiet and or  eliminate headaches and the deficiencies that are causing them .

Some of the nutrients include: 

Calcium and Magnesium to relax the muscles.

Coenzyme Q10 to oxygenate the tissues and  detox many dangerous substances that may be causing the headache. 

Bromelain helps regulate the inflammatory response. 

Vitamin B3 and B Complex together improve circulation aids nervous system and removes excess water from tissues. 

Vitamin C aids in defense against harmful pollutants  in  the body and production of antistress hormones 

Vitamin E improves circulation

Herbs that are helpful include:

Cayenne that thins blood which reduces pain and allows beneficial blood flow.

Chamomile relaxes muscles.

Ginkgo Biloba improves circulation to the brain.

Kava Kava  for  tension relief.

Scullcap has antispasmodic agents.

Valerian Root a good sedative.

Of course a good diet, ample water, m,oderate exercise and plenty of sleep is key for best health. 

Experts say foods that contain tyramine can likely cause headache discomforts if you are over consuming them. Some of those foods include  alcohol, bananas, cheese, chocolate, cold cuts, onions, pork, smoked foods, peanut butter, chicken, citrus fruits, dairy/sour cream vinegar, wine. Through process of elimination  of these foods you may find your headache culprit. 

( supplement regiment found in prescription for Nutritional Healing 4th edition)