Newly Elected Mayor of Rochester, Malik Evans, Issued a Call for “an army of willing citizens” to Deal with the Pressing Issue of City Violence, Education, and Neighborhood Stability During His Victory Speech on Tuesday

 “Are we ready to get to work? Then let’s get to work!” he declared. Evans is currently assembling his cabinet.

The 41-yearyoung Democrat has been the presumptive next mayor since the primary back in June, after defeating incumbent Lovely Warren. -Who is Malik Evans- Newly Elected Rochester Mayor Malik Evans Issues Call to Action in Victory Speech Mayor Evans Mayor Evans, formerly an at-large member of Rochester City Council, has a long record of community involvement and leadership in the Rochester area.

His service to the Rochester community began when he was just a teen growing up in the city and attending Wilson Magnet High School. Malik initiated the City-County Youth Council to help get young people in Monroe County involved in community service. His extensive community involvement led to speaking engagements throughout the country on the role youth can play in community transformation.

His election to Council in 2017 was a homecoming, as he had served previously as Legislative Aide to Rochester City Council from 2000-2002. In 2003, Malik decided to apply his leadership skills to public service by running for election to the Rochester Board of Education. Upon winning the citywide election, he became the youngest person ever elected to the Board.

As a member of the governing board of one of the largest urban school districts in New York State, Malik’s motto was simple: “We can find solutions to our most pressing challenges by focusing on finding common ground.” He served as Board President from 2008-2013 and has worked tirelessly to ensure that students in Rochester have access to the same opportunities that he had.

Malik has spent his career in finance, working to ensure that individuals have access to the knowledge, tools and information that will help them build a stronger financial future.

Malik is very active in the Rochester community.Malik’s latest challenge is running after his young sons, who serve as daily reminders that we must create a brighter future for the coming generation.