Looking Back: The End Of Summer Vibes and Celebration of Liberation 

All Photos and Story by A. Dorcely  ( photo above Bobby Brown and back up dancers moving the crowd)  

In  September, the last Friday of the Summer, Seneca Casino gave us one last shindig with the likes of Vanilla Ice, Bobby Brown, Blackstreet, All-4-One and last but not least Kool Moe Dee for their Hip Hop and Harmony tour. 

Blackstreet kept it grown and sexy and owned the city with a commanding performance

This event seemed like a celebration of liberation. With students back in school and fall sports back in play a party seemed like the proverbial cream on the cake. A pretty good gamble for most at this Casino.  Even I was officially “outside” amongst many old school Hip Hop and R&B fans. 

Of course I was masked up with a bit of nervous energy. But this maybe energy that we all carry with us for a time going forward.

Before I go on I would like to take this time to wish continued health and strength to you all as we continue to fight for the past we knew not too long ago without the fear of a cough or a sneeze. 

Now where was I. Oh yeah, it was a cool Summer night with a Waxing Gibbous moon(Google it) lighting the sky.

Brown with his son Landon after their surprise duet.

The crowd was healthy but not overly crowding. The music was familiar to the  concert goers. Sprinkled within the spectators were those I call the “Instant Generation.”   I’m not sure how much music they recalled from Kool Moe Dee and All-4-One. But if their parents were from the “Wild Wild West”;  “I Swear” they had some knowledge of what they were listening to. 

BlackStreet definitely did their thing “No Diggity” as they handed out Roses to some of the female attendees. The King of R&B, Bobby Brown made the women swoon to Roni while at the same time making it his “Prerogative” to bring his first born son front and center for a duet. Brown mentioned how nervous Landon Brown was. His son is also his backup singer. 

Vanilla Ice was ice cold with his crowd control

Vanilla Ice, the “Funky” White boy made sure to bring the heat as he closed out the show in the coldest way. He invited several people up to the stage to dance to his biggest hit to date. If you don’t know what that is this concert wouldn’t have been your vibe. 

Lucky for you, you were  young then. Unlucky for you, you missed out on the 90s, what’s considered by many the Golden Era of Hip Hop which will always be music that future generations try to duplicate for more summers to come!


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