Garcia Wins Sheriff’s Race Beaty Bows Out

At press  time we learned that Republican John Garcia has been declared the winner in the hotly contested race for Sheriff, dashing the hopes of Democratic candidate Kimberly   Beaty who was poised to make history as the first Black and first woman Sheriff of Erie county.

The race went down to the wire. Too close to call on election night, Beaty  and her supporters kept hope alive as thousands of absentee ballots were counted. And although she won over half of them, she was still unable to overcome her opponent and fell short by about 3,000 votes.

Beaty, by far the most qualified   candidate in the race, ran well,  and  under normal circumstances, would have had an excellent chance of winning. But she faced   obstacles from day one – from being personally discouraged not to enter the race by the party, to a lack of  party unity. 

“I ran as a Democrat, and I am proud to be a Democrat. It is a shame that some forget their party and the folks in the community that really need them and have supported them,” she said in a written statement. Clearly feeling “some kind of way” she continued, “Their constituents or the greater good be damned, it all goes by the wayside for self-preservation, and that’s unfortunate.”