Bills Squish the Fish for 7th Straight Time

If you were born in the 1960’s then you most likely remember the Miami Dolphins dominance throughout the 1970’s of the Buffalo Bill. The Bills could not win a game against the Dolphins in that decade. The Dolphins did not have to cheat to beat the Bills of the 70’s. It usually was a good old fashion butt whipping.

The Juice – O.J. Simpson- only made those games interesting. Fast forward today its very enjoyable to see The Buffalo Bills continuing to put a beat down on the Dolphins. The bye week is always problematic to most teams because it gets you off your rhythm and routine which are very important for most team sports.

The Bills were no different and had to shake off the rust in the first half. The Bills were lucky that the Miami Dolphins played awful and continued to make mistakes in crucial situations. Tua Tagovailoa is a good quarterback that needs better talent around in order to be successful. I do think his arm strength in cold weather will be a question mark for him playing in this division.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen was the team’s leading rusher with 55 yards which happened because Zack Moss and Devin Singletary only had 15 carries for a combined 47 yards. That’s not enough carries to establish a potent running game. . It’s up to Daboll to call for more running plays and putting Josh Allen in a better position to win games down the stretch.

Cole Beasley was the hot receiver against Dolphins and he said,” I never go at anybody and push for the ball. We have plenty of weapons like Steph, Emmanuel, Gabriel and all I can do is my job and you got to win for him that’s all I can do. Josh found a way to get me the ball and it works itself out.” Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott said,” I do whatever this team needs most. I give the Coaches credit for making the adjustments.

This is the NFL life in the NFL every week is tight margins and records don’t matter. You must bring your ‘ A ‘game every week.” The Bills defense continues to play well with safeties Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde leading the way. Jordan Poyer is really having an outstanding season and his overall play this season is his best as a Buffalo Bill. He has overcome alcoholism to not only improve his way of life for his family but also his professional career. My hat is off to Jordan Poyer for doing what a real MAN has to do, take  order of his life and make a change for the betterment of himself and family.

I still would like to see more of Boogied Basham in the lineup and Ed Oliver is starting to come around after being moved along the defensive front. Oliver to me can become an excellent Edge Rusher with his quick feet and explosiveness if given the opportunity.

The Bills travel to Northern Florida to play the Jacksonville Jaguars and rookie QB Trevor Lawrence. Bills defense should be able to bait Lawrence into throwing interceptions and the offensive unit must run the ball effectively against a decent Jaguars unit. Prediction: Bills 28 to 10.

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