Worth Your Weight in Gold

“If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live”Unknown

You are a walking, talking, millionaire! Yes, you! 

These millions are not in the bank, in investments, real estate or other material assets. These millions are in your body. Let me explain. My business partner and soul tribe member, Edward Williams posed the following question in a Facebook live meeting, “How much does a liver transplant cost?”. I replied, “50k”. I wasn’t even close. A liver transplant costs nearly $575,000. My mind was blown. I couldn’t believe that my liver, which happens to be my favorite organ is worth $575,000! Then I started thinking, “How much does a kidney, lung, heart and intestine transplant cost? How much am I worth? What is the value of this precious and masterfully created body I have been gifted and blessed with?”

If you total up all of these organs (including the liver), the cost to replace them all is about 6.6 million dollars! We are literally walking around with $6,600,000 inside of us. That gave me an entirely different perspective of my body and gave me a renewed sense of self-worth. 

Not only is my body an esteemed gift that holds my beloved soul. Not only is my body a melanin powerhouse, but it is also worth millions. If that doesn’t birth a desire in your spirit to do everything you can to restore, protect and heal your body, I am not sure what will. 

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