Stop The Violence or Stop the Buck Dancing?

Murray Holman, the head of the Stop the Violence organization,  was recently seen in  one of   John  Garcias’ campaign commercials.     Garcia, who is running for sheriff,   and another man of color, are seen standing on a basketball court near  a pole decorated to commemorate yet another a murder. Holman shakes hands with Garcia at the   end of  the clip.

Perhaps they were making a deal to stop the violence? Or to stop Kimberly   Beaty – the  most qualified candidate in the hotly contested 3-way race  – from making history as the first woman and first Black to serve as Sheriff of Erie County? 

In another commercial  (minus Holman) Garcia  takes  a page out of the “Brown Like Trump” political playbook  of lies and fear mongering as  he falsely accuses    Beaty  of advocating for the ‘dismantling’ of the Sheriff’s Office  if elected and projecting himself as the candiate who will prevent the county from becoming “another failed socialist public safety experiment.” Garcia also reportedly has the support of Mayor Brown.

These two men (Brown and Holman) who happen to be Black, should be ashamed of themselves – but clearly they are not.

The community  must  send a message  at the polls and vote for Kim Beaty for Sheriff – a woman who  will restore dignity, fairness  and professionalism  to the Sheriff’s office. A woman who will serve with honor and make us all proud.