“Home Inspection ~ Always Request One”

by Hawwao Wajed

Well “Hello Everyone!”

Billowing into our “Fall Season” with lots of pleasant thoughts, sights and events to enjoy.

Here are some details I am happy to share with you.

This is in regards to the necessity of having a “Home Inspection.”

Purchasing a home is your personal investment. With that thought in mind, your best interest of “being a proud homeowner as an asset”, becomes a reality. Congratulations!

1. Home inspection: Inspection fees range from an estimate of $200.00 to $575.00. A referral for a “Professional Inspector” is always useful. The inspection should reveal information about the condition and systems. This is where the Purchaser(s) will be aware of necessary costs, items requiring attention earlier “Home Inspection – Always Request One” and in the future. The purchaser should review the report with their real estate agent and decide what is best and if they should decide to move forward with the purchase.

2. Health / SafetyFocus: Be mindful of mold, gas, radon and carbon monoxide. If detected by the Inspector, tests should be conducted and results issued in the report. In addition smoke detectors/ all others should be on board and in working condition. If not, this should be cited in the report. Options: owner resolve issues during the inspection period or purchaser(s) withdraw the offer.

3. Added features: The inspector is mindful of detecting additions to a home. These will be detailed in the report: -Expanded garages, basements,rooms ~ all require permits and must follow city/county/state codes. – Impacts home insurance, property taxes. -In reality the purchaser(s) will have to deal with this in the future if not under code. Feel free to inquire with your agent and attorney for more details.

4. As Is Purchase: This is a home being sold in its current condition “As Is “. These homes have some concerns: -There are some unoccupied and boarded up for a period of time -Inspectors will make a note of : mold in detail as a hazard to health – Costly to remove -Most plumbing;outside equipment removed: electric/ gas lines etc)

5. Having the purchase come to a reality: Having the inspection is an opportunity to negotiate the repairs to be addressed and completed by the owner. Also, consider the possibility of a price reduction or credit from the owner. Keep in mind if there is a credit, the completion of the repairs depend on the degree of the items cited. Completion may have to occur before closing. The Loan Officer with the bank has to be informed of the status in order for the agent and purchaser(s) to proceed with any of the above.

6. Lifetime of Systems: The inspector will issue an approximation of the plumbing,heating and air condition system, hot water tanks and sump pumps: determination of condition,when installed and longevity. This will allow the purchaser(s) to plan a budget for the future. Home insurance is purchased before the closing. Also warranties are good to have on the house and appliances

7.Education on Inspections:There are courses available. Google them for more details on maintenance to secure your investment on having a home.

Continue to be aware, safe, make a difference in yourself, family, friends,relationships and others. Expecting the un-expected is an arena where “Growth Begins.”

Be safe and take care.!

” It’s A Great Time to Market & Locate a New Home “

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