A Closer Look at the Democrat and “Republicrat” Walton Bashers

by Betty Jean Grant

A Few days ago,  I was visiting the Face Book page of  a prominent  Black female Democrat  and  saw that she had showcased a post from Stefan Mychajliw, our Republican County Comptroller, bashing   Mayoral candidate, India Walton.

Now, I thought this particular female was “woke” and knew that Stefan M. is portrayed as a Trumpster who went to Washington, D.C. and joined the Insurrectionists and rioters, on January 6th in the US Capitol.  And now, here he is, on a sistah’s page bashing a Black woman whom he cannot even  vote for because he lives in Hamburg, NY! 

 Stefan also demonized Brenda McDuffie, when she was CEO of the Buffalo Urban League, and tried to belittle her in public several years ago. I believe the County Comptroller has a problem with strong, Black women. Stefan  and several other local, prominent Republicans  also attended  Mayor Brown’s first fundraiser after he announced that he was doing a Write In campaign.

  Another malcontent has been former Buffalo Mayor, Tony Masiello. He has been  bashing and lying on India every since she won the Democratic Primary, in June. He stated  that India was not a Democrat. He lied. Mayoral candidate India Walton, could not have run and won the Democratic Primary if she was not a registered Democrat. Mayor Masiello is obviously  afraid of losing his lucrative second career job being a lobbyist for the City of Buffalo, in Albany. Masiello seemed so upset the night Ms. Walton won the Primary, I thought he was going to have a stroke. 

  He is always telling us how much he loves Black folks and how he played basketball with a lot of our Black athletes. But did he tell y’all that  when he was the Mayor  he signed a resolution, in 2002, to downsize Black representation in the Buffalo Common Council by eliminating the Council President and the at-large Councilmembers’ positions? Since three of those four positions were held by black elected officials, James W.  Pitts, Beverly A. Gray and Charley H. Fisher,  his approval of that resolution has negatively impacted Black representation and Black empowerment, in the Black community for over two decades as it stands right now.

So, no thank you, Republican Stefan Mychajliw and Republicrat, Tony Masiello. We don’t  need you to bash our candidate, India Walton. Some renegade element of the Byron Brown Write In Campaign is already  doing a lie and slander-filled hatchet job on Ms. Walton even as I write this column.

Contributing Writer Betty Jean Grant