is Heating Up the End of the Summer With The “Backyard Barbecue” TV Show

“Backyarad Barbecue”   is a TV series on our network that will be showcasing Buffalo’s movers and shakers, entrepreneurs, and top business owners. There will be food, drinks and live performances. Think MTV Unplugged & MTV Spring Break all in one. We will be broadcasting live to the world on Fri. Sept. 10 at 9 p.m. from a private location. There will be a segment on the show called “Who’s In Yard?”  where we will interview live on air the business owners in attendance; giving them an opportunity to promote their brand or business in between acts. This will help local businesses.

Our goal is to help local entrepreneurs.Tickets are $25 and available at King City 2662 Bailey Ave., Legacy Apparel 2649 Bailey Ave., Trendz Apparel 1048 Broadway. Or you can watch it live    on  

We get over 1.1 million worldwide viewers per week.

Don’t miss the “Backyard Barbecue TV Show” next Friday September 10th featuring Che’Noir Unplugged:

Che’Noir will be performing with a Live Band “The Allstarz Band ” which consists of former members of Rick James Stone City Band.

Jeff Turner is CEO/President of &