Please Protect The Children

Beloved Community, please help us protect our children under 12 who will be returning to school, next week, unprotected by the Covid 19 Vaccine. All teachers, support staff and the parents and relatives of these children should get vaccinated.

I am so afraid for my 11 and 8 year old grandsons. All they have is the mask, to protect them from the virus. 

They cannot get vaccinated yet but you can. Too many people, who should have gotten the vaccine, are dying. Please don’t wait until you have caught the virus to start talking about getting vaccinated. That will be too late.

Free masks and hand sanitizer are still available at Grant’s Variety Shoppe, 1055 East Ferry St, 4-8 PM.

This writer can provide you with PPE’s; however, you will have to get that vaccine, yourself.

Betty Jean Grant is President and  Founder of We Are Women Warriors