Our Homes:Get ready it’s “Harvest Time “

Greetings to all! “Harvest” Here is a useful definition: A hobby including seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining whatever items are of interest to the individual collector. We’ve embraced our awesome “Summer” and now it’s time to get ready for our “Harvest Season.” That indeed means connecting with ourselves, family, friends, education, employment, good health and our home grown gardens….need I say more. Well let’s include our homes .

As the seasons bloom, there are certain steps we can take to get ready. Helpful information is available in my articles posted on the challengernews.com should you require more details.

Here are some brief and valuable steps: ~Our heating systems : change the filter and dust off the furnace as needed for better heat distribution throughout ~ Clean and vacuum the heating vents in all areas of the home ~ Hot water tank should be flushed to remove any sediment ~ Use baking soda to clear sinks in the home and basement ~ Water softener if applicable (using salt ) ~ Check: smoke alarms ( on every floor and basement) ,carbon monoxide detectors (living location) and fire extinguishers and circuit interrupters(or GFCI~ circuit breaker shuts off electric power) ~ Faucet and shower heads cleaned to remove mineral deposits ~ Check electrical cords to make sure they are safely operable ~ Doors: make sure they are securely closed and durable ~ Clean all gutters and downspouts ~ Inspect roof for missing, lifted, loose, damaged shingles and leaks ~ Seal openings in windows, doors: caulk/weather strip/replace as needed ~ Sump pump have checked annually by a certified plumber.

Well that is all for now and I hope this was valuable information to you all.

It is a pleasure to share knowledge with our community.

Be safe and take care

It’s A Great Time to Market &Locate a New Home

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