LOCAL ARTIST LOWDOWN: Brother Tom Sos Sharing Something Different In His Music

pictured above Brother Tom Sos photo Alexander Harold

A rapper, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, Tommy Summage – who goes by Brother Tom Sos – is sharing something different in his music. Mixing street tales with stories of faith, hope, and wisdom, the rising artist is building a unique sound and appeal that is sharing a new perspective for Buffalo’s  hip-hop scene.

Taking on his artist name after his 16-year old brother was killed in 2019, much of Brother Tom Sos’s music is in commemoration to his brother – who was his biggest fan and encouraged him to pursue rap music early. 

Releasing his first project titled #4Ant in early 2020 as an honorary project fully dedicated to his brother, the work was a strong introduction to Brother Tom Sos’s sound for many of his now dedicated listeners. The 4 – track EP not only displayed his witty wordplay, but also his artistic explorations through r&b, hip-hop, and gospel.

Dropping 2 more EPs during 2020 (Big Brother, Modus Vivendi) catapulted the rising artist into Buffalo’s limelight. In a matter of a year, the rapper has been featured on major regional platforms like Buffalo Rising, Music is Art Festival, and Creative Mornings, propagating his message of hope and strength through rap.

“The influence that music carries…it has the power to make or break one’s life. And I feel like with my music- I want it to kind of come with the big brother effect,” mentioned Brother Tom Sos.

Often referencing “the big brother effect,” Brother Tom Sos’s main goal with his music is to uplift his listeners while still relating to them. As someone who grew up in rougher parts of Buffalo, the rising lyricist wants to create a “space of motivation” for “Buffalo’s dreamers.”

With plans to drop an EP each month starting next month, a clothing line in the works, and a single with well-known vocalists Lindsay Niccs and Jesse Ray Miller titled “Beyond” that dropped last week, Brother Tom Sos hopes to connect with young people through his music and honor his brother’s legacy.

Listen to Brother Tom Sos on all streaming platforms and follow him on social media platforms at @BrotherTomSos.

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