Legislator April Baskin : “I’m proud to stand, and proud to endorse India Walton for Mayor!

The Chairman of the Erie County Legislature, April N.M. Baskin, proudly stepped to the plate Monday and endorsed India Walton for Mayor of the City of Buffalo.

Baskin, a respected and highly regarded lawmaker who represents the 2nd Legislative District, is  the youngest Chair in history and the only first term Legislator appointed to this position of leadership. 

“We’ve heard a lot of talk this election season about experience,” Legislaor Baskin began. “They say what’s a candidates experience? Why didn’t she  seek  more of an entry level office position then work her way up? These were some of the questions that I faced when I ran for office just four years ago. No one knew who I was and many questioned my lack of a traditional path. 

“I never worked for an elected office,” she continued . “And   the only political thing that I had done when I ran for office was vote! But I had a wealth of experience when it came to understanding how to survive as a single parent, living on public assistance,  and trying to navigate the system and start my own business. This experience set the foundation for me in understanding that government is not just about creating policy. Government, especially local government,  is about  about building relationships with your elected officials, partners and understanding the struggles and needs of the multitudes. Government, especially local government, needs to break down barriers and make resources acceptable for all. This is the type of experience we need more of in local government.”

She cited Walton’s amazing rise  as a single  mother, “working her way thru parenting, working her way thru school to a sustainable career,  becoming a nurse then changing her career path so she can advocate on behalf of all families in our community…  We know that India Walton had the same lived experience  that we need to lead our city into a place where public safety and healthy living is going to be something that’s guaranteed for all.”

“I’ve only been elected for four years,  but in four years time I’ve seen women do some really, really amazing work in local government.  

“I know It’s going to take a woman to help Buffalo to reach its potential, I know that in order for us as  a city to celebrate all of the victories that we’ve had, and improve in areas where we need improvement, we’re going to have to elect our first female mayor to get that done. That is why today I’m proud to stand, and proud to endorse India Walton for mayor and for those that continue to question her experience  here’s one thing that I can honestly  and confidently say, India Walton has experienced what it’s like to live in this city like us all….”

“April is a person I admire so much, and I am proud and honored to receive her endorsement,” replied India. Their stories, she continued are  similar. “…divorced single mom trying to make it. But rising to the occasion because we know what the problems of our community are because we’ve experienced them ourselves .” 

As leaders, she  pledged, “ We are going to prioritize family, reduce childhood poverty and forge a  real working relationship between our city and our county government  to best serve our constituents. We’re going to make a safe and healthy Buffalo for all.”

Moving forward Ms. Walton said her team will work just as hard going into November as they did during the primary which resulted in her historic win.

“Nothing is easy and I take nothing for granted. We’re going to continue to run a strong campaign…It didn’t matter to us either way if he  (Mayor Brown) was on the ballot or not. We’re going to run our campaign and our campaign centers around informing  our  voters and building the relationship necessary  to be  able to govern affectively come January.”