From  Willie Lynch To The Buffalo Party Line: Don’t Be Fooled Black Community!

“The single best thing President Trump did was put conservative judges on the bench and the legacy will last for 40 years! The parade of socialist jokers in Buffalo, led by @IndiaWaltonbflo, whining about ‘ attacks on democracy makes it extra sweet.”

The above comment was made recently (year 2021) by Chris Grant, Chief of Staff to former County Executive and US Rep. Chris Collins, talking about the decision made by Judge John Sinatra to put Byron Brown on the November 2nd General Election ballot.

 In 1712 Willie Lynch, a slaveowner, delivered this speech in part to other slaveowners, on the banks of the James River in the year.

 ” I shall give you the outline of action but before that I shall assure you that distrust is stronger than trust and envy is stronger than adulation, respect and admiration. The Black slave, after receiving this Indoctrination, shall carry on and will become self-refueling and self-generating for hundreds of years! Don’t forget, you must pitch the old Black male against the young Black male, the old Black female against the young Black female and the men against the women. You must set the dark skinned slaves against the light skinned slaves.

“ You must also have your White servants and overseers distrust all Blacks and it is necessary that your slaves trust and depend on us. They must respect and trust only us. Gentlemen, these instructions are your keys to control them. Have your wives and children use them; never miss an opportunity. If used intensely for one year, the slaves themselves, will remain perpetually distrustful and divided for hundreds of years.”

When I read the statement by Chris Collins’ former aide, I was immediately reminded of the Willie Lynch speech made so many hundreds of years ago. But I have to give Lynch credit, he was absolutely correct. African Americans are still operating under that racist and divisive system set in place so many years ago, to separate and divide us.

So, instead of Buffalo’s Black leadership congratulating and supporting this courageous, young Black woman who, against almost impossible odds, pulled out the biggest upset in Buffalo’s political history by beating an entrenched sixteen years incumbent; they are throwing fuel on the fire by calling her names like radical, socialist, unqualified, inexperienced and not ready to lead;   all those labels that racists have used to demean and dismiss Black candidates and elected officials, for years.

The saddest part of all, is that many of these Black leaders ran to the suburbs to live, along with their White counterparts because Buffalo was not good enough for them and their families.      

 Well, that’s all changed because our Black Mayor has learned what the Masiello, Griffin, and Sedita administrations learned: Give these Black leaders city developers status  and you can buy every one of them, even those who are sleeping in White suburbia while they commute to Buffalo to build rental units or run  anti poverty programs for inner city Blacks and Latinos.

India Walton won the Democratic Primary fair and square mainly because her opponent may have been still following the Willie Lynch method of judging her not worthy because she was female and came from the ‘Field’ as opposed to the ‘House’ negroes  line of succession.

Buffalo voters, don’t be fooled by  the  “Buffalo Party Line” that was put together and carried by Republicans living outside of Buffalo, for the expressed purpose of having Donald Trump’s supporters dictate who we elect as the mayor of our city!