Buffalo Mental Health Expert to Share his  Mental Health Journey on Two New National Television Shows

Today, September 20 at 10 pm ET, Karl Shallowhorn, a Buffalo Mental Health advocate and expert will be profiled on the A&E Network one-hour special “Voices Magnified: Mental Health Crisis” 

The A&E television special official press release states: “Voices Magnified: Mental Health Crisis” showcases honest and personal stories of Americans from across the country highlighting the critical issue of mental health in America. Hosted by OZY’s Carlos Watson, the special includes insights with mental health experts and focuses on actionable steps we can take as a country. A promotional clip can be viewed here.

The show focus is to encourage a conversation about mental health in an effort to eliminate 

 the stigma associated with mental health illness.

“This special highlights the symptoms and communicates that it’s ok to seek help, that you are not alone and you can work towards feeling better,” stated Karl Shallowhorn. 

Reversed is the second show featuring Karl’s mental health guidance. 

In addition Karl will be featured in the series Reversed, that has aired on the Discovery Network and will be broadcast September 24th on Glewed TV.

In this riveting eight-part series, Reversed featured the use of the ketogenic lifestyle and intermittent fasting to help change the lives of three individuals.  Shot in Costa Rica, creator and award-winning filmmaker Charles Mattocks and the Reversed team took three people living with type 2 diabetes and brought in top experts in health, nutrition, and mental health to educate and assist the guests on how to reverse their type 2 diabetes with diet, exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Karl Shallowhorn’s role was to provide the behavioral health support that was often an underlying obstacle to the guests reaching their health goals. 

“It was a privilege to work on this project which chronicles how it is possible to make choices that can improve one’s health. As the behavioral health support for the program, I witnessed firsthand how change is possible and diabetes can be managed through a ketogenic lifestyle,” stated Karl. 

As a person in long-term recovery from bipolar and co-occurring addiction disorder, Karl would like to help people discover their unmet potential and eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness.

Karl adds, “ There are 4 reasons I share my story.  First, is to say that recovery is hard work. It takes significant effort and vigilance to develop and maintain stability. It also takes time. Secondly, recovery is different for everyone. Third, recovery does not happen in a vacuum. People living with mental health challenges need support from friends, family, and others. Finally, and most importantly, recovery IS possible and you are not alone.”

About Karl Shallowhorn

Karl is a dedicated mental health advocate and nonprofit executive with over 28 years of experience in the fields of addiction counseling, mental health advocacy, and higher education.  Karl serves as the Director of Youth Programs for the Mental Health Advocates of WNY and is the founder of Shallowhorn Consulting, LLC. He has developed an expertise in assisting clients with managing mental health challenges and working to eliminate the stigma of mental illness. Recently he introduced “Mental Health Verses” a podcast that highlights music and lyrics to provide a calming mental health tool. Karl is hoping that the podcast messaging and musical selections will help eliminate the stigma of mental illness, provide education on mental health disorders, normalize the topic of mental health, and provide entertainment through the music that is shared.

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